immature teratoma
proliferative activity

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Tavdgiridze, N., Tevdorashvili, G., Kepuladze, S., & Burkadze, G. (2023). ASSESSMENT OF PROLIFERATIVE ACTIVITY OF IMMATURE OVARIAN TERATOMAS USING AgNOR TECHNOLOGY. Georgian Scientists, 5(1), 233–248.


Germ cell tumors arise from the covering stem cells on the surface of the embryonic ovary. They make up 20-30% of all types of ovarian tumors. About 95% are benign and present as mature cystic teratoma, and only 5% are malignant. Malignant germ cell tumors of the ovary represent 2.6% of all malignant tumors of the ovary, in contrast to epithelial tumors of the ovary (95%). A high incidence of ovarian malignant germ cell tumors is observed in the first two decades of life. Determining the prognosis of germ cell tumors of the ovary is a complex and problematic issue, and according to the existing literature, various methods are used to determine a more accurate classification of cases. One of them can be used AgNOR staining, which is called one of the means of proliferation assessment in the case of different tumors, as well as in the differentiation of dysplasias and benign and malignant processes. According to our research, it is used to evaluate proliferative activity during different histological differentiation of immature teratomas.


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