About us

The Journal  "Georgian Scientists" combines various works created by Georgian scientists. Offers broad interdisciplinary coverage of a wide range of subject areas:

Business, humanities, social science,  technology,  medicine and other.

Journal is an open access journal. Any users are permitted to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or use the full text of article.

Journal is published four times in a year. Articles are submitted in Georgian and English languages with the mandatory resume in English. All articles are subject to professional editing.


Peer Review

  1. Double-blind peer review is mandatory for all scientific manuscripts.
  2. The reviewer is selected by the editor-in-chief through the consultation with the members of editorial board;
  3. The reviewer does not have information about whose paper he is reviewing, while the author has not information who should be the reviewer of his paper;
  4. Reviewers are scholars from different universities around the world, whose competence and academic interests are relevant to the content of the article;
  5. If the paper receives one positive and one negative review, it is sent to a third reviewer;
  6. The evaluation process of the article lasts for 2-3 weeks, however, as an exception, the term should be extended for a reasonable period upon the request of the reviewer;

 8. Reviewer:

  • Recommends the publication of the paper in its current form;
  • Allows the author to review the paper with specific instructions;
  • Does not recommend publishing the paper (negative review). If reviewer assess the manuscript with minimum 70 points according to the reviewer evaluation form it’s considered as positive review;

 9. If reviewer recommends the refinement of the paper, editorial board offers the author to take into account the existing recommendations or to substantiate his position;

10. Once the author agrees, he should bring the paper in line with the submitted recommendations within 1 months; The final review on the edited text is done by the same reviewer;

11. If the author does not agree with the reviewer’s remarks, the issue of publication is decided by the editorial board;

12. In case of disagreement between the members of the editorial board, the final decision is made by the Editor-in-Chief.