Synthesis and biological activity of Hepta-O-acetyl-1-O- (2-chloro-3-phenyl thio propyl)-β-D-maltose


Benzoyl peroxide
Phenylsulfonyl chloride
Biological activity

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Tabatadze, L. ., Sidamonidze, N., Gulbani, D., & Iremashvili, D. (2021). Synthesis and biological activity of Hepta-O-acetyl-1-O- (2-chloro-3-phenyl thio propyl)-β-D-maltose. Georgian Scientists, 3(4), 1–8.


Carbohydrate derivatives are distinguished with wide range of biological activity which is proven by successful usage of preparations made of Carbohydrate based in different branches of pharmaceutical chemistry. As a result of research of Carbohydrate compounde, the relationship between unique structure and its chemical and biological properties has been studied. Input of bulk liphophilic adamantine moiety in the proved medications or biologically active molecule in most cases is improved molecule’s biological characteristic, drug’s lipopilycity and prolonged actin is enhanced, and at the same time toxicity and side negative effects is reduced.We studied the reactions of acetylaryl glycosides with phenylsulfonyl chloride in the presence of a benzoyl peroxide catalyst. A new sulfur-containing glucoside was synthesized: Hepta-O-acetyl-1-O-(2-chloro-3-phenyl thio propyl)-β-D-maltose. The bactericidal properties of β-O-(2-chloro-3-phenyl thio propyl)-D-maltose of the obtained product after deacetylation were studied. With the help of the com­­pu­ter program PASS (Prediction of Activity Spectra for Substance) onlaines were able to predict the range of activity of substances. The obtained result established correlations on bactericidal properties between biological activity and the intended biological activity. The structure of the synthesized compounds was determined by physico-chemical research methods.


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