Pharmacognostical study of aerial Parts of Thymus collinus Bieb. growing in Georgia


Biological activity
essential oil
Thymus collinus

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Korkotadze, T., Berashvili, D., Getia, M., Mchedlidze, K., Legault, J., & Mshvildadze, V. (2024). Pharmacognostical study of aerial Parts of Thymus collinus Bieb. growing in Georgia. Georgian Scientists, 6(1), 87–94.


A study of the chemical composition of the essential oil obtained from the aerial parts of Thymus collinus Bieb., collected in Kvemo Kartli floristic area (Georgia), endemic to caucasus, was carried out. The percentage of terpenic components was determined by gas chromatography. The major components of essential oil are nerolidol (43.42 %) and carvacrol (21.40 %). The oxygenated sesquiterpens are dominants in identified terpene compounds. Essential oil exhibited a significant antioxidant activity in ORAC test with moderate cytotoxic activity (80 ± 11 μg/ml) against lung carcinoma (A-549) cell line.


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Teona Korkotadze; Dali Berashvili; Sopio Gokadze; Malkhaz Jokhadze; Malkhaz Getia; Ketevan Mchedlidze; Jean Legault; Vakhtang Mshvildadze. Chemical Composition and Biological Activity of Aerial Parts of Thymus Collinus Bieb. Growing in Georgia. Georgian Biomedical News 2023, 1 (4).

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