language of our home town

language of our home town


  • Taliko Beridze St. Tbel Abuserisdze Teaching University of Georgian Patriarchate



Batumi, Georgian language, religion


Batumi is one of the most beautiful and distinctive cities in whole black sea region with it’s unique old and new architectural buildings. It’s best example of modern Georgia. We should be proud of our city’s diverse contrasts upon other cities in our region, but we also must keep in mind that everything praiseworthy is always associated with responsibilities.  Citizens of Batumi including me love our city, but very little do realize that love of Batumi is not defined only by our chattering about it’s uniqueness. Major subject is taking care of it’s future development.  We can’t avoid the fact that city becomes more beautiful day by day, but some components require wakefulness and obligation of our society(Batumi’s every single citizen). One of such component is “Language of our city”. In the streets everyday we encounter incorrectly written inscriptions on buildings. We know that speech, oral communication are hard to change, practically unchangeable after using them, as people say “You can’t catch a word which flown away”, but writing is easy to revise and change. It’s our duty to defend and save our language because it’s country’s self-determination’s precondition. You may say that, problematic forms were constantly right beside our language since it’s new literacy’s foundation, but in past few years incurred huge growth of Georgian literacy and it’s development which afterwards solved many arguable issues, but by same cause many wrong structures got formed. However this is fate of every developing language, but we shouldn’t forget that main reason of Georgian ethnicity’s existing is “Motherland, Language, Faith”. Defending purity of language means defending yourself, your honour, your motherland’s culture’s and it’s history. Defacing of language is indication of illiteracy and lack of culture. Truly fighting for innocence and purity of your language is precondition of nation’s spiritual and moral recovery. Our great ancestors were giving big importance to carrying for parental language, becoming Georgian language richer, more powerful and more beautiful. People wrote about this. They were: Ilia Chavchavadze, Akaki Tsereteli, Vaja-Fshavela and Iakob Gogebashvili. Enemies tried to ravage our language, but “language of Iberians” was powerful and unbreakable. Georgians knew that language was priority for nation.


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Author Biography

Taliko Beridze, St. Tbel Abuserisdze Teaching University of Georgian Patriarchate

PhD in Philology, Professor of St. Tbel Abuserisdze Teaching University of  Georgian Patriarchate




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