About us


An international scientific conference on the topic: "Museum and Globalization" is being held from 2021 by the organization of LEPL Adjara Museum. The purpose of the international conference is  promoting the development of scientific and research activities of researchers working in humanitarian, social and related fields, promoting museum management and cultural tourism, as well as promoting mutual cooperation with scientists from different countries.

 The first and second international conferences were held online (ZOOM)  in 2021-2022. The reports at the conferences were presented by Georgian and foreign scientists and specialists of the museum field . Important issues and a number of scientific innovations were  discussed, also discussions were held about the challenges and future perspectives of the  museums.

The electronic version of the collection of materials from the first international conference is available on the website ajaramuseums.ge. Currently, a collection of materials of the second international conference is being prepared.

  We hope that the materials of the conference will arouse great interest in scientific circles and the general public, which will give us the opportunity to find our way on the international stage.