Present-day vehicular traffic tunnels in designing stage and under construction


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Lanchava, O., & Nani Shuradze. (2021). Present-day vehicular traffic tunnels in designing stage and under construction: Print version was published: Journal Energy, 36(4 ), part 2 p.109-113 . GEORGIAN SCIENTISTS, 2(2).


The characteristics are given for the tunnels of the principal countries where vehicular traffic tunnels are being designed, constructed and used. The analysis of the data has shown that the existing ventilation systems that operate in a stable economic regime call for the use of natural draught along with the modern hardware.

Using Rikoti and Rocki vehicular traffic tunnels as an example, it has been shown that the longitudinal and transverse ventilation scheme employed in Rikoti and Rocki vehicular traffic tunnels is inconsistent with the internationally accepted schemes for the tunnels of similar length. A comparison has been made between the ventilation system of 6560 m long tunnel in Norway (Fodnes) and that of Rikoti tunnel. The analysis of tunnel cross-section configurations, geometric parameters and the schematic diagrams of ventilator arrangement has shown the advantage of the replacement of the semi-longitudinal ventilation scheme existing in Rikoti tunnel by the longitudinal scheme. Table 1 provides a list of vehicular traffic tunnels, both in-service and under construction. A separate table 1 includes the parameters of tunnels under construction in Germany and Norway. 111.2, tabl. 2, bibl.2.


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