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fire development scenario in tunnels
transformable crosspieces
aerodynamic resistance
saving life

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Lanchava, O. ., Ilias, N., Mihai Radu, S. ., Nozadze, G. ., & Jangidze, M. (2021). A SYSTEM OF TRANSFORMABLE CROSSPIECES TO BLOCK HARMFUL COMBUSTION PRODUCT PROPAGATION IN TUNNELS: This work was supported by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation (SRNSF) [Grant numberAR–19-1936]. Georgian Scientists, 1(1). https://doi.org/10.52340/gs.02.09.233


Controlling the events and processes caused by fires is one of the key issues of all projects dedicated to the fire safety of tunnels. These processes are characterized by the dynamics of the propagation of high temperature, smoke and toxic combustion products around the seat of fire and in tunnels. With longitudinal ventilation, two main parameters are to be considered: the critical velocity and the backlayering length. An important impact on both parameters is exerted by the proposed system of flexible crosspieces, which, by increasing the aerodynamic resistance of a tunnel, makes it possible to reduce the speed of propagation of harmful factors of fire through the tunnel. Moreover, with certain limitations, the given crosspieces can be used to divide the tunnel into small sections what, among other things, will hinder the propagation of fire for a certain time. Thorough theoretical and experimental study of the mentioned transformable crosspieces, as well as the development of their various structures and operating principles is necessary to ensure the safety of traffic tunnels. The present article proposes a novel technology of light transformable crosspieces, which can be used in both, the existing road tunnels and the ones planned to design.

PDF (ქართული)


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Copyright (c) 2021 Omar Lanchava ომარ ლანჩავა, Nicolae Ilias ნიკოლაე ილიაში, Sorin Mihai Radu სორინ მიჰაი რადუ, Giorgi Nozadze გიორგი ნოზაძე, Marad Jangidze მარად ჯანგიძე


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