Thermal Regime of Mine Workings in the Presence of Thermal Sources


Thermal regime of mining

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Oniani, S., Pirtskhalava Т., & Lanchava, O. (2021). Thermal Regime of Mine Workings in the Presence of Thermal Sources. Georgian Scientists, 2(2). Retrieved from


Ascending flows of thermal waters cause a significant disturbance of the natural temperature field of the deposit and significantly worsen the thermal atmospheric conditions g * mine workings * When hot water flows into mine workings, mainly due to intense heat and mass transfer from water to air, an increase in the heat content of the jet rises sharply and over 100-300 m (depending on the speed of the air flow) the temperature of mine air saturated with water sludge becomes approximately equal to the temperature of hot waters. As a result, without prior removal or elimination of hot water inflow, in the case under consideration, it is impossible to create normal climatic conditions in mine workings.

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