Qualitative evaluation of P-vitamin preparation obtained from tangerine pomase


tangerine pomase
P-vitamin preparation

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Chikovani, D., Ardzenadze, M., Kalandia, A., Karcivadze, I., Koplatadze, lena, Qamadadze, E., & Telia, K. (2023). Qualitative evaluation of P-vitamin preparation obtained from tangerine pomase: The works are performed within the framework of the targeted grant of BSU. Georgian Scientists, 5(4), 219–225. https://doi.org/10.52340/gs.2023.05.04.20


During the processing of citrus fruits into juice and concentrate, a large amount of waste is generated, which remains unused. Citrus fruit skin is rich in phenolic compounds, especially hesperidin. It is characterized by high biological activity, has antioxidant properties. It is characterized by high biological activity, has antioxidant properties. For the current period in Georgia, waste is not used, it is thrown into the environment, thereby damaging the environment. We have taken important steps in the utilization of mandarin waste. A new technology for taking P-vitamin was developed. The aim of this study was to perfect the method of chemical purification of P-vitamin substance, which was modified by us. The quality indicators of the P-vitamin preparation obtained from mandarin pomase were determined. The use of this chemical cleaning method ensured the purity of the P-vitamin preparation, the quantitative index was 4.50-4.80% (calculated on dry weight), and the quantitative content of hesperedin in it is more than 96%.



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