The Symbolic Meaning of White and Red Roses in Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales


Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales
white and red colors
symbolic meaning of a rose
connotative meanings

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Ebralidze, L. . (2022). The Symbolic Meaning of White and Red Roses in Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales. Georgian Scientists, 4(5), 120–133.


The present article deals with the symbolic meaning of white and red colors, particularly white and red roses in Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales. Analysis of the examples illustrating the associations connected with the mentioned colors, revealed many cases where white and red roses were presented together. Respectively, we got familiar with the studies concerning the symbolism of white and red colors as well as the generally recognized symbolic meanings of the rose. In this light, we identified the connotative meanings of white and red colors and white and red roses in Oscar Wilde’s works. The research enabled us to discover a number of meanings like innocent love, passionate love, atonement for sins and purification, as well as art. All that reflects the personality and life of Wilde himself and provides us with some insight into the paradoxical nature of the great author.


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