• Iremashvili B.
  • Akhmeteli L.
  • Saginashvili L.
  • Magalashvili D.
  • Injgia M.




The article describes the case of delayed necrosis and perforation of the small intestine which occurred 8 days after a closed abdominal trauma. A 74-year-old man underwent emergency surgery (Laparotomy, Enteroenteroanastomosis) at the district hospital due to a complete circular rupture of the small intestine following blunt abdominal trauma. On the eighth day after the surgery, a relaparotomy was performed due to small intestinal contents discharge from the peritoneal drainage. Necrotic areas of different sizes were found on a 145 cm long section of the ileum with perforation of one of them. Histomorphological examination revealed mucosal tears in the necrotized intestinal wall. The above indicates that the impact of aggressive small intestinal contents on the traumatically damaged mucosa gradually causes damage to all layers of the intestinal wall, which may be manifested by necrosis and perforation of the intestinal wall much later after injury.


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