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Iremashvili, B., Akhmeteli, L., Saginashvili, L., Injgia, M., & Khotenashvili, N. (2023). LONG-TERM OUTCOMES OF SHORT BOWEL SYNDROME - CASE REVIEW . Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 56, 83–86. Retrieved from https://journals.4science.ge/index.php/CSW/article/view/2283


A 14.5-year follow-up of a case of short bowel has been discussed. A 33-year-old-male patient underwent subtotal resection of the small intestine and sigmoidectomy with end-to-end jejuno-iliac anastomosis and formation of a descendostomy due to mechanical intestinal obstruction caused by strangulation, subtotal necrosis of the small intestine and total necrosis of the sigmoid colon. The length of the remaining small intestine was 102 cm (jejunum - 87 cm from the ligament of Treitz, ileum 15 cm from the Baugin’s valve). Along with intensive conservative treatment, the patient needed parenteral nutrition support for 4.5 months. 7 years later, during the surgery of stoma reversal, the small intestine appeared thick-walled (up to 3.0 cm in diameter) throughout, without significant changes in length. After 14.5 years, he feels satisfied, active, efficient, without any nutritional restrictions.



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