About the Journal

     The collection of scientific works of Tbilisi State Medical University includes medical, biomedical and various natural science articles written by the staff of the University.
     The collection was founded in 1937 edited by Professors A. Machavariani, V. Zhgenti and P. Kavtaradze, at the newly established Tbilisi State Medical Institute under the title "Proceedings of the Medical Institute". The Journal was published under this name until 1941. Previously, the works performed by the scientists of the departments and clinics of the Medical Institute, as mentioned in the preface of the first volume, had been published in Georgian periodicals: Modern Medicine, "Moambe" of the Georgian Health Ministry, Soviet Medicine or Tbilisi State University Moambe, or in the form of monographs and dissertations. Some of the scientific papers were also published in Russian and foreign special periodicals. Later it was published under different names in different years: Proceedings of the Tbilisi Medical Institute (1941-1974); Proceedings of the Tbilisi State Medical Institute (1976, 1979-1980); Collection of scientific works of Tbilisi State Medical University (1995-2010);
     Since 2011 it is known as a collection of scientific works. The electronic version of the journal was created in 2018.

Journal DOI: https://doi.org/10.52340/csw

E-ISSN: 2667-9965 

ISSN: 1987-8990