• Azmaiparashvili G. აზმაიფარაშვილი გ.
  • Tomadze G. თომაძე გ.
  • Megreladze A. მეგრელაძე ა.


Short bowel syndrome is characterized by malabsorption following extensive resection of the small bowel. It may occur after resection of more than 50% and is certain after resection of more than 70% of the small intestine, or if less than 100 cm of small bowel remains.  Successful postoperative management of short bowel syndrome has been discussed. Patient was operated because of cancer of hepatic flexure of large bowel with invasion in stomach, pancreas, retroperitoneal space, mesentery of small bowel. Right sided colectomy and excessive resection of small bowel with limphodissection was performed and only 80 cm of small bowel was left together with the left part of the colon. Ileotransversoanastomosis was performed. After the adequate course of chemotherapy and partial parenteral nutrition patient’s general condition became satisfactory. Patient started to gain weight. Adequate postoperative treatment determined postoperative period without surgical and nutritional complication.


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Azmaiparashvili G., Tomadze G., Megreladze A.




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