Fine Art as a Category of Philosophy

Fine Art as a Category of Philosophy


  • Vazha Kakabadze



philosophy, visual art, ability to think, antinomy, “play”, algorithm


Art is not an abstractive  activity, it is a philosophy with its own terminology and content, in which some philosophers have seen two directions: 1. Forms, colors, sounds existing as sensations and 2. Elements reflecting the spiritual life that became the subject of philosophical reasoning and the basis for the various directions of visual art. The philosopher H. Spencer, for instance, developed the theory (term) of “play” as the essence of culture, which to a certain extent echoed the philosopher Kant’s theory of antinomies. Thus, art is a source of spiritual information, i.e. it is connected with thinking, and this is philosophy, Where the connection between a person’s conscious and subconscious is clearly visible – as we have  reasoned in this article.


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Author Biography

Vazha Kakabadze

Doctor of Economics, Geological Engineer, Corresponding Member of the Georgian Engineering Academy, Member of Fazis Academy, Self-taught Artist


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