Insulin resistance, Thyroid, Goiter, Metabolic syndrome


In clinical practice, patients with metabolic syndrome and thyroid disease are often referred. It is noteworthy that based on the results of various population studies, there has been an increase in both thyroid disease and the incidence of signs of metabolic syndrome in adults. Therefore, there has been a dramatic increase in interest in the study of possible associations between these two pathological conditions. Based on the results of various papers, the close relationship between these two pathological conditions is due on the one hand to the influence of thyroid hormones on carbohydrate, lipid metabolism and on the other hand the zobogenic effect of insulin on thyroid tissue. However, despite many scientific papers and population studies, the relationship between thyroid disease and components of the metabolic syndrome is still a matter of research, but in clinical practice, the results of these studies help to diagnose thyroid disease.


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