Joint-lever mechanism constructed on the basis of the properties of inverted transformations


geometric transformation

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Natbiladze, N. ., Kavelashvili, A. ., & Khachidze, M. . (2022). Joint-lever mechanism constructed on the basis of the properties of inverted transformations. GEORGIAN SCIENTISTS, 4(1), 17–22.


The paper presents a device designed by us based on geometric transformation, which provides synchronous rotational movement of the drive and drive rings and performs the operation of folding the sheet material with high degree of precision, which eliminates cases of jamming and damage, that are significant problems in modern machines. The complex nature of the working mechanisms of automated machines is simplified through the properties of geometric transformation-inversion. It is important to note that with the simplification of the construction of this mechanism, energy costs are reduced and durations are increased.


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