Space Factors of Influenza Pandemics


Influenza Pandemics
Solar Activity Cycles

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Japaridze, D., & Oghrapishvili, N. (2023). Space Factors of Influenza Pandemics. Georgian Scientists, 5(4), 121–128.


The solar activity has a great influence on the earth's surface events.  It plays an important role on social processes and affects the operation of technological systems. Solar activity can be dangerous for human life and health. The presented work examines the relationship between solar activity and influenza pandemics. The sunspot number (Wolf number) data published by the Sunspot Number Analytical Center for the period 1800-2021, historical data of influenza pandemics and greate comets were used. The connection between cosmic factors and influenza pandemics was revealed, as a result of the study. have been found, that influenza pandemics usually occur near solar activity maxima, and during solar activity minima influenza pandemics occur when large comets approach the Sun at a distance of less than 0.003 AU.


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