Potential practical potential of Tskaltubo (Western Georgia) "White Cave"
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Lanchava, O. ., Iliashi, N., Sorin Radu, M. ., Tsikarishvili, K. ., Lezhava, Z. ., Amiranashvili, A., … Asanidze, L. (2021). Potential practical potential of Tskaltubo (Western Georgia) "White Cave". Georgian Scientists, 3(1). https://doi.org/10.52340/gs.2021.285


Tskaltubo is one of the oldest balneological resorts in Georgia. The city is located in the gorge of the river Tskaltubostskali at an altitude of 95-150 meters above sea level. To the north-east, the city is bordered by the southern slope of the Samgurali Range (Greater Caucasus Mountains), and to the south by the Colchis Plain, which opens to the Black Sea. The hills around the resort are covered with rich subtropical vegetation, evergreen shrubs and deciduous forests (oak, beech, elm). The surroundings of Tskaltubo are also known for karst caves, among which "White Cave", "Sataplia" and in 1984 Vakhushti Bagrationi are distinguished by their significant popularity and attractiveness. Cave of Tskaltubo ("Prometheus") discovered by the expedition squad of the Institute of Geography. Tskaltubo municipality is rich in many historical-cultural and natural monuments. Therefore, in addition to the resort-medical functions, the city is attractive for both foreign and local tourists and vacationers. In the early seventies of the last century, the "Tetra" cave was used to treat patients with diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. This practice has been stopped in Georgia since the 90s of the previous century. Recent investigations have revealed that its characteristic radioactive and ionizing state has been restored in the cave. The stated circumstance is also confirmed by the present paper. This is a prerequisite that the "white" cave can still be used for medical, tourist or other useful purposes, which will not harm the cave, cave formations and the environment.

PDF (ქართული)


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