For the chemistry of cultural heritage (Part II - for stone conservation/restoration)


cultural heritage
Georgian art
Acad. Vakhtang Beridze
Monument Conservation Management Plan
International Practice of Monument/Exhibit Conservation Planning
Bura Charter and its Procedure
NARA Document on Authenticity
Madrid-New Delhi 2017. The document
stone monument surface cleaning chemical compositions
film-forming polymer solutions and latexes
stone hardening chemical compounds
poly butyl methacrylate (PBMA)

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Matsaberidze, M., & Janelidze, I. (2022). For the chemistry of cultural heritage (Part II - for stone conservation/restoration). Georgian Scientists, 4(5), 134–151.


The article discusses current issues of conservation and restoration of stone, cultural heritage exhibits, which is interesting from the point of view of information provision for specialists and industry experts working in the field of cultural heritage management.


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