Surgical and Microbiological Aspects of Acute Paraproctitis


Acute Paraproctitis

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Didbaridze, T., Abuladze, T., Mkervalishvili, Z., Kochiashvili, G., & Kvakhajelidze, V. (2021). Surgical and Microbiological Aspects of Acute Paraproctitis. Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 50, 3–6. Retrieved from


The goal of the research was to improve the results of treatment for the acute forms of paraproctitis: optimisation of the algorithm of diagnostics, increasing of the level of surgery; identification of causing microbes, study of antibiotics susceptibility.

In 2015-2016 years 58 patients have passed the stationary treatment.

During the perioperative period the following researches were conducted: perineal examination, palpation, digital examination, ultrasonography, CT, abscessography, microbe identification. Pelviorectal acute paraproctitis was indicated in 49 patients‘ case, retrorectal – 6 patients, Fournier gangrene – 2 patients, anaerobic paraproctitis – 1.

Single moment operations were conducted –in 51 cases, two or more-in 4. Post-surgery assessment, antibiotic and infusion therapy, laboratory studies, bacteriological monitoring.

Rectal fistula formed in 2 cases, anal incontinence at once. The positive results were due to the following: The correct diagnostic algorithm, adequately produced operations and on the basis of a local antibiotic susceptibility tests properly planned antibiotic therapy.



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