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Goletiani, M., Tomadze, G., Megreladze, A., Azmaiparashvili, G., & Imnadze, N. (2018). STEROID INDUCED COMPLICATIONS IN SURGICAL PATIENTS. Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 51, 34–36. Retrieved from


Presented article is devoted to surgical complications in steroid treated patients after emergency abdominal surgery. We analyzed 6 patients who underwent emergency abdominal surgery where postoperative period was complicated with either stress ulcer perforation of stomach, duodenum and small intestine or upper GI bleeding. Four patients were male, two – female, with age range 42-76. The reasons of steroid therapy were arthritis, bronchial asthma. One patient was operated due to secum cancer: operation performed – right sided colectomy with ileotransversoanastomosis. One patient was operated due to sigmoid bowel diverticulitis: operation performed – sigmoid resection with transverso-sigmoanastomosis. Three patients were operated due to destructive cholecystitis: operations performed – cholecystectomy and one patient was operated due to intestinal ileus: operation performed – sinechiolysis. Postoperative complications: perforation of acute duodenal ulcer (1 case), perforation of acute small intestine ulcer (3 cases), upper GI bleeding (2 cases). One patient died due to late relaparotomy (duodenal ulcer perforation). Four patients were treated with operation, two patients – conservatively. It was concluded that main manifestation of surgical complications of steroid treated patients are in GI tract. Main complications are severe ulcer perforation and bleeding from peptic ulcers. Steroids must be used carefully in combination with PPI.



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