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Iverieli, M., & Janjalashvili, T. (2021). OBJECTIVE EVALUATION CRITERIA OF PERIODONTITIS TREATMENT BY VECTOR SYSTEM - PERIODONTAL MARKERS BEFORE AND AFTER TREATMENT. Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 50, 63–66. Retrieved from https://journals.4science.ge/index.php/CSW/article/view/26


The main goal of treatment of periodontal disease complex is the elimination of the inflammatory process. For this purpose is used non surgical, less invasive method of treatment as vector system, by periodontal pockets irrigation and tooth root surface polishing, allows removing of subgingival mineralized plaque and pathogenic microorganisms biofilm. By quickly reaching hard to access places on the treatment process, bones and gums are not damaged. Periodontal pathogenic bacteria are the unique group of bacteria, wich is the main cause of periodontitis. For longterm therapeutic treatment success, it is necessary to eliminate the targeted bacteria. For this purpose, micro IDent test analysis has been successfully used to determine the quantitative and qualitative composition of periodontal pathogenic bacteria types. Survey results are based on individual optimal therapy scheme worked out, that was used for patients treatment, which, as a rule, are represented with the combination of the mechanical forms of therapy, and systemic or local antibiotics support. Analysis of periodontal pathogenic markers shows the reliability of therapeutic treatments.



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