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Vashakidze, E., Megrelishvili, T., Mikadze, I., Pachkoria, E., & Kipiani, N. (2021). PROBLEM OF LEPTOSPIROSIS IN GEORGIA. Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 50, 54–56. Retrieved from


Leptospirosis is considered one of the most common zoonotic diseases globally and now is identified as one of the emerging infectious diseases.   In 2013-2015 we studied 56 hospitalized patients with leptospirosis. The research was conducted at the Center of Infectious Diseases, Aids and Clinical Immunology Center; Patients were diagnosed based on serological tests. In every case leptospira IgM was positive. Lethality is 3.5 %.   Among 56 hospitalized patients with diagnose of leptospirosis,  44 (78.6 %)  patients were  male,  12 (21.4 %)patients were female, cases are reported among age group of 15-75. 36 patients (64.3 %) were rural  residents; 20 cases (35.7 %) were urban residents.  According to our study, disease  is almost equally spread in rural and urban residents, delayed hospitalization is the main factor of developing severe form of leptospirosis. However, analysis of severe cases  showed that onset of disease was initially severe, with developing multi organ failure, which caused lethality.



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