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Avazashvili, N., Chikvatia, L., Shaverdashvili, G., & Sakhvadze, S. (2023). SURGICAL TREATMENT OF HALLUX VALGUS. Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 56, 3–5. Retrieved from


Foot deformities and in particular first tow deformities (Hallux Valgus), caused by transverse flat foot, is one of the most important problems of modern orthopedics. Early diagnostic and correct selection of proper surgical technique gets not only medical, but also social value. In this article , there are given results of surgical treatment of 45 patients, treated because of Hallux Valgus in TSMU First University Clinic in 2019-2022 years. In the article there are discussed patients inclusion criteria, methods of diagnostics and positive and negative features of surgical techniques.



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