• IRINE KORINTELI Givi Zhvania Pediatric Academic Clinic
  • MZIA KHALVASHI “BROTHERS” International Hospital of Batumi
  • ELISO TURKADZE Tbilisi State Medical University
  • PLATON MACHAVARIANI Tbilisi State Medical University
  • KARAMAN PAGAVA Tbilisi State Medical University



covid-19, pregnancy, placenta, damage


In the current conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new challenge has emerged in relation to the health of pregnant women and newborns. The aim of our work was to review the literature regarding placenta status in pregnant women infected with SARS COV2 and to compare the results of our literature analysis with relevant data from other systematic reviews on this issue. We compared the data of 5 scientific papers/results of histo-morphological research of 183 placentas. Our analysis of literature data revealed that SARS COV2 damages the placenta, and these lesions are manifested in the maternal and fetal parts of the placenta, predominantly in the form of vascular disorders. The results of our literature analysis were the same with the data of two other systematic reviews. In one of them, 1008 and in the other 1452 placenta histopathological research results were compared. Based on literature data, SARS COV2 damages the placenta, although reliable pathognomonic markers have not been rigorously identified. According to preliminary data, the presence of multiple microthrombi inside the blood vessels is noteworthy, which should be explained by the damaging effect of SARS COV2 on blood clotting factors. The deepening of scientific research on issues related to the development of microthrombus in the placenta has a principal significance. Some pathognomonic markers may be detected.


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