Mamuka Machitidze (Reminder)


  • Editorial Board Akaki Tsereteli State University


Kutaisi has always been strong and proud with its outstanding children, but in Kutaisi it is difficult to stand out, it is a city of the chosen ones, the hearts of brave people who think about the land have always been heard here. Kutaisi has always been proud of its strong army of doctors, who served their people and their conscience with outstanding good faith.One of them is Mamuka Machitidze, A man infinitely in love with his homeland, in love with a man, in love with his conscience, distinguished by his generosity and manliness.Whatever wealth God gives man is happiness. It is difficult for people to serve even one muse, and Mamuka Machitidze was richly gifted by God, who sometimes excelled in poetry, sometimes in painting, sometimes in music. A good doctor, who loved the patient more than himself, was attracted to them by his distinctive Kutaisi humor. Helping everyone eagerly, with generosity, with a beautiful word, with a smile, with hope, with a truffle of new life.How many years ago Mamuka joined Heavenly Georgia, today with these few poems we want to remember and remind you of a smiling man, righteous with God and with himself Mamuka Machitidze.


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