In 2009 , Professors of Kutaisi Akaki Tsereteli State University Manana Mikadze and Tamari Lomtadze, founded the “Scientific Intellectual Club “Foundation For Development of Art and Pedagogical Sciences”, which aim is to promote the development of  Art and pedagogical Sciences in Georgia, to establish an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect between scientists from different countries; The study and integration of culture, science, traditions, literature of Caucasian, Slavic, European and American countries and the formation of intercultural dialogues. For this purpose, 44 professors from 24 European countries and from USA were invited to the editorial board of the scientific peer reviewed journal “Language and Culture” has been published since 2009. To date, 26 issues have been published.  In the journal are publishes the articles of professors from different Universities of Georgia and from different countries of the World, which are evaluated by various experts. The journal “Language and Culture” gradually improved, it became: a) member of the collection of “Iverieli” of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia; b) is reflected in the Georgian abstract journal www. Techinformi.ge; c) received a DOI; d) joined The Google scholar databases; e) the journal has also received an Impact Factor indexing, which gave a chance to the scholars to explore a way in the international arena to increase the citation index.

Impam Factor 2017 – 6.336

                              2018 – 6.096

                              2019 – 6.496

                              2020 – 6.029

                              2021 – 6.505

Through the efforts of the foundation, an organizing committee was established, which founded and conducted 6 International Scientific Conferences “Language and Culture: (once in 2 yeares0. The conference is partially financed by Kutaisi City Hall and Government of Kutaisi. 640 professors from different Universities of Georgia and 190 professors from 50 countries of the world took part in the conference. This conference is especially popular with its cultural program.

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