Ring - an instrument of diplomacy


  • Jambul Abuselidze Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University




    In the article entitled "Ring - an instrument of diplomacy" the author mentions and pays special attention to such diplomatic rituals as: ceremonies and the symbol of the ring. Their active use. The author also shows the views of well-known scholars, the obligatory actions of the seal in both religious and diplomatic relations, as well as how its mass use has evolved and settled over the centuries. Which is necessary for the implementation of any diplomatic action. The author presents in the article the special role of the seal in the diplomatic relations of the states, which enabled any diplomat to fulfill his diplomatic responsibility perfectly and individually and to experience it as a fulfillment of his obligations to himself. Has functions. It is also an important tool for understanding international politics and regulating diplomatic relations. Nevertheless, in diplomacy the ring can be used both formally and manipulatively.  The author shows in the article the three main views of ancient writers: 1) the custom of wearing a ring 2) making a ring on the left hand and 3) making an iron ring in triumph. Modern scholars distinguish two options: 1) Byzantine and 2) the ring of Muhammad.  The author focuses on issues such as: sending senators as ambassadors to a foreign state and the wearing of a gold ring by ambassadors during their mission, which they received from the state and was a symbol of the republic. Where we can read not only, over time for all senators but later for the Chief Magistrate and, finally, for the Ambassador wearing a gold ring.The author analyzes in the article, the exclusive right to wear a gold ring which included a special concept, it was for several centuries the exclusive privilege of senators, magistrates and ambassadors, while all other persons continued to wear the iron ring. Were covered. In addition to the ancient Roman ambassadors, the ring was sometimes associated with diplomacy and faith and mysticism.  References include in-depth scientific papers. Thoroughly introduces relevant and up to date literary materials to interested readers on the subject.


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