Discussion of Alexander Shoshia Chkhaidze's play "Bridge"


  • Sopiko Tsetskhladze Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University




Alexander Shoshia Chkhaidze, play, bridge, Soviet Union


With this play, Shoshia Chkhaidze makes a significant contribution to the development of the history of Georgian theater, and not only to the theater, he also made fundamental changes in the drama and even in the formation and development of Georgian thought or critical thinking.His most creative work, based on justice or kayaking, has never faded and I believe it will never fade. His heart was full of human love, kindness, and wickedness. For him, the main thing was not to lose the original essence of a person and always remain a person. Do not be afraid of the most difficult challenges of life, always walk in the right and just way, where there will always be justice, morality and respect between people.Despite the existing political or economic background, the author was still not afraid of the interests of high-ranking officials and continued his work. A playwright is never betrayed for the credo of his own life, for high civic or moral positions. While every word had to be measured, satisfying, and acceptable to the interests of others, the playwright shattered every stereotype. It continued to operate beyond the prevailing rules and frameworks. Shoshia Chkhaidze, through the characters of "Bridge", perfectly presented his words, life position or any critical opinion.


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