Some issiues of prepositional problems (on modern German language material

Some issiues of prepositional problems (on modern German language material


  • Eliso Koridze



preposition, closed systemunchangable part of speech


         The class of modern German prepositions is not a closed system. In it the old linguistic units are constantly disappearing and new ones are emerging. The preposition in the row of speech parts is presented next to orher, auxiliary and unchangable  word classes. Unlike them, the preposition has the abilikty to manage. The pokisemy of prepositions determaines the siversity of their meaning and functioning. This issue es especially interesting at the syntax level. The proposal is not an independent member, but is always part of any member of the proposal. It can appear with object, attribute and adverbial modifier. But in thid case the decisive role is playes by the factor belongigng to the pre-existing old, new named unit. The management of the prepositions is conditioned not onle by the turnover but by the preposition itself, which id directly related to the distribution. In this case it is related to both autosemnatic and synesemantic words, but the actualization of the preposition is mainly influenced by the full-meaning word – verb.


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