The Role of Multimedia in Language Teaching

The Role of Multimedia in Language Teaching




Multimedia, Language Teaching, Age of technology


We live in an age of technology. New gadgets and devices are introduced into our life every day with the promise they will enrich our lives. Technologies have influenced every aspect of our lives. Multimedia is an advanced technology that facilitates integration of text, data, image, graphics, audio, video animation in digital form. Multimedia is information displayed in picture/sound form and it does not include plain text exclusively. Thus,  Multimedia is a combination of text, graphics, audio and video. These components can contribute differently to the learning of material. Therefore, new era has assigned new challenges and duties to modern teachers. There are a number of techniques applicable in language learning situation. These techniques can be used in learning process to make lectures more encouraging and interesting. There are some ways in which multimedia can be used in language teaching to enhance the learning experience for students.


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