General peculiarities of guest introduction

General peculiarities of guest introduction


  • Nana Iobishvili Akaki Tsereteli State University



entertainment talk show opening, Addressing in entertainment talk show, Thank you formulas in American and Georgian talk shows


The presented work deals with the general  peculiarities of guest introduction, address and thank you formulas in American and Georgian entertainment talk shows. The research is based on the comparative-descriptive method. The mentioned topic is quite relevant, to the extent that in today's television space, talk shows, especially entertainment talk shows, have many viewers. Thus, in the modern media discourse, television conversations, in particular, talk shows, occupy a large place. It has a great influence on the creation and formation of public opinion. The recipient is provided with acceptable, exemplary, and probable thought patterns in this or that culture. This form of broadcasting attracts a lot of people to the TV screens in all countries of the world, therefore the TV hosts in Georgia are showing an increasing interest in this genre. Linguistics of the 20th century came to the need of research of living language. Oral communication, dialogue, interview takes place in a specific situation. Conversation, dialogic speech is "language in action", "in live situations", with its uniqueness and individualism (Zekalashvili 2012:13). Talk shows are an integral feature of the American and European television space. Of course, the Georgian television space is not an exception in this regard, and the Georgian TV viewers are spoiled by different types of talk shows. In entertainment talk shows we find natural conversations, in some talk shows there are games and different activities, the conversation style is more like an interview. The host should ask the invited guest questions and continue the conversation. Entertainment talk shows are mostly aired at night because they are mostly meant for relaxation. So they are easily added to our routine. Here we can listen to many different people. The speaking style of talk show guests is always different. Based on the analysis of the American and Georgian entertainment talk shows, we would like to determine what general peculiarities are observed in terms of guest introduction, address and thank you formulas in the American and Georgian entertainment talk shows.


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