Peculariarities of neologisms in French Internet slang


  • Tsiuri Akhvlediani Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University



Internet slang, Internet service, virtual relationship, abbreviation, borrowings, Internet medium, neologism, anglicism


Our paper deals with neologisms in the French language introduced through the Internet. In the modern world, Internet slang plays important role in the communication of Internet users; Recently, there has been a tendency to actively use Internet vocabulary in the daily life of French youth.  The French language is characterized by shotering a large number of words in colloqual speech. This phenomenon also manifests itself in Internet relationships. Distinctive features include active use of abbreviations, rep;acement of some letter combinations with apostrophes, use of sumbols (numbers, capital letters, money symbols) to replace consonant parts of whole words, creation and/or use of neologisms. French Internet slang, which is characterized by different ways of word formation, often atypical for the literary French language, is widely used by modern French young people when communicating in Internet sefvices, and it comes out of the framework of the virtual language, even in resal everyday communication.


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