Requirements for the articles submitted for publication in the Transactions of Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University

 Indicate the scientific field of the article

  1. Full name of the author(s) with boldface (font size 14)
  2. Affiliation (name of the institution and the title/academic position of the author(s) (font size 12)
  3. The title of the article in boldface (space line 1.0, font size 14)
  4. Abstract
  • The article should be accompanied by abstracts in the Georgian, English and Russian languages.

Abstract should be:

  • Informative (does not include general phrases);
  • Meaningful (includes the summary of the article and research findings);
  • Highly structured (follows the chronology of the article – introduction, aim, objectives, methods or methodology, results, the field of application of research findings, conclusion);
  • Written in good Georgian / English / Russian;
  • Concise (between 200-250 words).

Abstract should highlight the major points covered in the article and give readers a chance to easily understand the main contents without reading the whole article. It should not add any new information which is not included in the article itself.

Abstract should be succinct and clearly statethe main arguments (avoids using unnecessary words and phrases)

  1. Indicate key words in the Georgian and English languages
  2. Paper/article volume 4-9 pages including formulae, figures and tables and images.

Articles should be presented in the following form:

  1. printed on A4 size paper in the MS Word;
  2. line spacing– 1 (Single)
  3. paragraph indent – 1cm.
  4. document margins: left — 20mm, right — 20mm, top — 20mm, bottom — 20mm.
  5. Font: Georgian text –Sylfaen, size 12

Russian text–Times New Roman,size 14

English – Times New Roman,size 12

  1. Inverted commas in Georgian and Latin texts should be used as indicated here („“), in Russian text use(«»);
  2. Use dash (–) inside the text;use hyphen (-) inside the words.
  3. Use the authors in the article according to the example: წერეთელი, 1953; Пушкин, 1821;Chomsky, 1998
  4. References: Font size Entries should be listed in alphabetical order at the end of the article according to the sample:
  • Citing a book: Last name, initials of the author. (year of publication). Title of work.Place of Publication: Publisher.

E.g.: Widdowson, H.G. (2003). Linguistics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

  • Citing an article: Last name, initials of the author. (year of publication). Title of the article. Title of the Journal, volume: the first and the last pages of the article

E.g.:Capizzi, M.T. & Ferguson, R. (2005). Loyalty Trends for the Twenty-first Century. Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 22, №2: 72-80

  • Maximum two articles can be published by one author in one issue;
  • Maximum number of authors for one article is four;
  • Edited version of the accepted article or the rejected one will not be returned to the author(s);
  • Editorial Board will not examine the article if it does not meet the requirments listed above;
  • Authors are responsible for the content, findings and conslusionspresented in their work.
  • University Transactions is a peer-reviewed journal. Articles are checked on the basis of peer reviewing process and the standard plagiarism detection software to avoid the plagiarism before their final publication.

 Articles in the Georgian and English languages should be submitted by  e-mail to

Articles in the Russian language should be submitted by e-mail to