The Evaluation of False Positive Test Results Possibility of the Derivatives of 1.4 -Benzodiazepines by Immunoassay


  • Imnadze N.
  • Sivsivadze K.
  • Chapidze N.
  • Murtazashvili T.


Benzodiazepines, Immunoassay


Not properly done tests of drugs and toxic agents can cause different problems, and because of that, the main aim of expertize is to select the correct method of analysis. Also, important to create the appropriate flow chart of the analytical stems to use the biological material and time in rational way. Based on, preliminary chemical-toxicological test results of the biological materials the presence of some toxic compounds can be excluded and can be supposed the presence of others. During the planning of our study, the main aim of our work was quantitative evaluation, how many false positive results are confirmed with confirmatory test methods and how reliable it is. Subjects of our study were the derivatives of 1,4-benzodiazepines: Diazepam, Phenazepam and Nitrazepam. During the study was done the extraction of the urine samples by liquid-liquid extraction (alkaline extract) and later for selective separation was used solid phase extraction method. It is notable that solid phase LC18 is very selective and the extraction rate usually is very high.


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