Importance of Pharmacovigi-lance in Assurance of the Safety of COVID -19 Vaccination


  • Kikvadze Z.
  • Gagua N.
  • Tchumburidze T.
  • Imnadze N.


Pharmacovigi-lance, COVID -19 Vaccination


At present, society should fight with different types of dangers associated with healthcare, environmental pollution, global warming, etc. But today, when challenges of the world are absolutely new and lifestyle became different, the most important is to create and develop the safe and effective treatment against COVID-19, and of course, along with this, increased role of pharmacovigilance. The side effect monitoring and risk management system become vitally important and needs well established plan,that should be followed by any professional in the healthcare system. Based on developed countries: USA, EU and UK experience to monitor the vaccinated patients we can conclude, that because of novelle technologies utilization in the development of COVID-19 vaccines, potentially not predicted side effects can be complex and difficult to recognize. In such reality, it is essential, to provide the highest level of patients' safety, to do records of any, even not significant side effects, during massive immunization. In these circumstances, it is vitally important to have well-coordinated and organized communications of stakeholders, which should be facilitated by modern effective means and methods of communication. In order to share gathered information quickly, all stakeholders should be maximally mobilized and motivated to immediately inform Regulatory Authorities in case of even minor side effects.


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