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Nikuradze, N., Dughashvili, N., Gorgaslidze, N., Nemsitsveridze, N., & Phonadze, M. (2023). MATRIX METHODS IN PHARMACEUTICAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT AND STRATEGIC ANALYSIS. Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 56, 108–112. Retrieved from


On the example of the pharmaceutical company “IP Group”, for the first time, on the Georgian pharmaceutical market, in order to properly distribute resources, a study was carried out on the strategic analysis and planning of the business portfolio, on the marketing variables of retrospective data. Recognized matrices were tested as research tools, based on which, by analyzing the principle of sufficiency and cause-and-effect relationships and etc. “Spatial and non-spatial” matrix tools adapted to the product/company strategy were tested for the first time, the results of which were mainly correlated, both by analyzing desk and field data of natural indicators of imports and sales, as well as linear - ABC, 5 P and rectangular matrices - BCG Matrix; Using a SWOT Analysis. From the recognized methods of marketing research, options tailored to the needs were selected and combined, which may also be successfully used in the analysis of such statistics and databases, when there is not a large range of marketing variables, a high degree of reliability, when as a limiting factor of the research, the scarcity of public business information and there are objections to access to reporting data without commercial risks.



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