• Borjadze M. ბორჯაძე მ.
  • Jashi L. ჯაში ლ.
  • Gogishvili Kh. გოგიშვილი ხ.




The aim ofoOur research  was to examine the oral cavity of patients with some dermatosis, to develop a research algorithm and to establish clinical histological correlation algorithm, based on which we could make differential diagnosis of these deseases in a timely manner and would emphasize significant sequence of diagnostic criteria. We observed 18 patients aged 40-62 years (11  women, 7 men). After collection of detailed history and indexation of the pathological processes of mouth and lips, we looked at the skin and examined biopsy material. Based on clinical histological correlations, we identified  histopathological markers of oral mucosa and developed a specific algorithm, which we believe will assist dentists in everyday practice.


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ბორჯაძე მ. B. M., ჯაში ლ. J. L., & გოგიშვილი ხ. G. K. (2019). ORAL MANIFESTATIONS OF DERMATOSES AND THEIR CLINICAL HISTOLOGICAL CORRELATIONS. TSMU COLLECTION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKS, 49, 17–19. https://doi.org/10.52340/csw.2015.49.0.17-19

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