• Bukhnikashvili E. ბუხნიკაშვილი ე.
  • Tsintsadze M. ცინცაძე მ.
  • Abashidze N. აბაშიძე ნ.
  • Jashi L. ჯაში ლ.



The aim of our research was to detect the frequency of oral manifestations among the new revealed HIV-infected persons in 2013-2015. For this we studied the data from the center of AIDS, according to the testimony we studied those patients who needed stationary treatment and we got these results:  In 2013 out of 490 new cases   the presence of specific oral manifestations was found in 253(51.63 0.796%) patients. From whom we investigated 69 (27.270.61%) people. 45(65. 220. 45%) of them had oral candidiasis and 34(49.270.45%) disorders were caused by herpes-virus. In 2014 were revealed 564 new cases and the number of different concurrent intraoral lesions were found in 295(52.300.82%) patients. We investigated from them 146(49.490.66%) people and the result was next: 98 (67.120.32%) were different kinds of oral candidiasis and 54 (36.990.32%) diseases - caused by herpes-virus. In 2015 out of 717 new cases the  HIV-associated oral manifestations were found in 381(53.130.86%) patients. We investigated 184(48.290.73%) people and as a result - 118 (64.130.46%) cases of them were oral candidiasis and 67(36.410.32%) were diseases caused by herpes-virus. According to the study it is obvious, that HIV-associated oral manifestations are met quite often among the HIV/ AIDS patients. It is very important to know specifications of these disorders, to make some right investigations and correct diagnosis in all situations, especially when it takes place HIV-associated oral lesions. Dentists should take in account the importance of instant diagnostic of oral manifestations in HIV/AIDS patients.  


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