Syntactic Means of sSntence Information Structure Formation in Political Discourse

Syntactic Means of sSntence Information Structure Formation in Political Discourse




Linguistic transformation of information, language, modeling system


Information about objects and events of the outside world, their interrelationships is diverse and multifaceted. Their linguistic transformation is not chaotic but orderly. Linguistic transformation of information is, of course, possible through language. Language is a modeling system.

The difference of languages is related to the world view of the respective language groups, cultural stereotypes, the existence of linguistic mechanisms and the possibilities of their realization.

The linguistic range of information realization is wide. The sentence is an important structural unit in this regard. This value increases within the text, because the latter presents the relations of language segments in a common content-structural framework.

The main function of communication is transfer of information. Not all pieces of information are equally valuable. The central element of main pragmatic value is actualized in various linguistic ways. Information is modeled by formally labeling the actualized element. In order to model a sentence in political discourse, various syntactic means of organizing the information structure are used: functional actualization, word order, locatives, syntactically redundant units, the so-called CLEFT - constructions, clitic constructions with multiple verbs.

Through them, the verbalization of the social function of the content and the presentation of the pragmatic value of the information are ensured.


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