“Ending the first cycle of teaching Georgian as a foreign language - with the first stage students”

“Ending the first cycle of teaching Georgian as a foreign language - with the first stage students”





The first cycle of teaching and meeting with the students is of great importance. Learning materials should be provided purposefully and completely. The methods of providing the material should be carefully selected, planned and organized, which is essential to achieve the goal. Practical experience gives us right to offer the third methodical frame of the first cycle with its strategical and sequential plan, which our Language Center “Semita” utilizes with the great success. We consider it preferable to provide new material in a spiral manner. We choose active communication method for the lessons. The last part of the first cycle covers the following: question words: Who? What? Where?; Personal Pronouns: We, You, They; Possessive Pronouns: My, your, his, her, our, their; Adverbs of place: here, there; Plural form of the verb “to be”: are; Vocabulary: a boy, a girl, a school, A bag, friends (plural form); Phrases: may I..?; I would like..; Here you are...; Yes, of course; Hold on…


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