A question against the flow” – for the interpretation of several miniatures by Givi Margvelashvili





    Givi Margvelashvili actually lived under two dictatorships - fascism and communism. That is why his prose is considered not to be a refuge, it is full of pain. Philosopher Giga Zedania notes on the one hand that emigration means a kind of double absence: Givi Margvelashvili, who neither lived in Georgia until the end nor in Germany, is a visible confirmation of this in literature and life; Nevertheless, it still has an identity, and it is Georgian-German. Thus, one of the starting concepts of Heideggerian philosophy - about discovery in a foreign environment3, is brilliantly confirmed by the life and creativity of Givi Margvelashvili. Givi Margvelashvili is considered one of the most important modern thinkers. He started writing in 1961. At this time, he lives in Tbilisi, with the great efforts of his friends, he got a one-room apartment, which became a kind of Noah's ark. Later, the writer recalled that he was interested in conveying the feeling of internal emigration, he even notes that one is external emigration, the other is internal, and this was exactly the subject of his interest - to convey the feeling that each of them leaves on a person or in a person. Jörg Zündenmayer, literary critic and publisher, notes that Margvelashvili's books are very difficult to read, it would be good if readers could follow Heidegger and Derrida in their thoughts without the help of the author. Husserl... although his prose does not have only elderly readers, this literature is read by young people, for whom Margvelashvili's work is perceived as an intense thriller (https://youtu.be/5DgklENNpKM). Margvelashvili's literary cosmos is constantly renewing, developing and inexhaustible. His prose is connected with the work of other writers, it creates a kind of network system and is completely consistent. What he writes about is relevant in all times and seems to be foreseen.


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