Influence of spoken language in English-Speaking political media discourse

Influence of spoken language in English-Speaking political media discourse




A great deal of attention is paid to the problems of political discourse because political discourse is the most frequently used event in society. The impact of speech on political discourse is discussed within the framework of political linguistics, pragmatic linguistics, discourse theory and psychology. The relevance of the topic of this article is due to the increased interest in the problem of manipulation of public opinion. As E. Siegel points out one of the clear manifestations of power is the monopoly on information and the right to speak. The ability of language to shape the worldview of the public plays a big role in the mentioned case. In this regard, one of the characteristic features of research in the field of political communication is that language is perceived as a means of achieving a pragmatic goal: to manipulate the addressee's cognition. Thus, we can talk about the strategy of manipulation. The great role of metaphors is noteworthy here. This article is devoted to the impact of speech with a metaphor, the source of which is the sports concept "loser". This metaphorical unit has a negative connotation and contains a strong emotional signal.


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