Sentence As A Complete Structural Unit


  • Irma Rusadze Akaki Tsereteli State University



წინადადება, პრედიკატულობა, მოდალობა


The paper deals with the discussions of a sentence as a complete structural unit and its two levels in modern linguistics on the basis of the opinions of different linguists. The two levels of sentence  description are; syntactic and semantic-syntactic structures. And modality are two major features that are combined with the other characteristics of the sentence. The correlation between them is based on predicative. Modality is defined as the category which expresses the speaker’s attitude to real facts. By means of the same syntactic model the sentence can convey various types of information. The sentence can be divided into theme and rheme. Such kind of division differs from the syntactic one and the difference is expressed by intonation and relocation of the words.


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