Designing Routing Table by Using Static Algorithm of Routing

Designing Routing Table by Using Static Algorithm of Routing


  • Tamaz Lachashvili Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University



Routing table, The shortest way, Transit nodes, Network fragment, Router


Transfering information in computer networks is administered through many intermediary routing devices and this task is devided into small size packets. While transfering packets from the local network to the remote networks, Default gateway is the destination address. As a rule, each network to which the router contacts, needs a separate interface. This interface is used both linking local networks (LAN) and global networks (WAN). To a large extent, Lan is an Ethernet network. WAN-s are used when we want to link networks on a large territory. For an instance,  connection to WAN can be used when we need Lan to be switched onto ISP network. To administer this process, certain devices called routers are actively used. Their chief functions are to determine the optimal route of package and sending packets to their destination. In order to find the best route for sending a packet, the router uses its own routing table. It checks the packet destination and besides, it takes into account as to by which interface packets should be sent to each well-known network. When the optimal route is discovered, the router incapsulates the packet and secures sending the packet to its destination.The material presented in our study is interesting as the existing route is often replaced by the shorter route during the estimation process for the spesific fragment of the given network, and every further estimetion process should be taken into account to obtain right final result. Yet, in reality we must heed the fact that not only little length of ditance determines the transfer of informatio fast. The example given presents a quite interesting case of solving the task (in terms of determining the short possible route), and it can be successfully applied in learning process in this direction.


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