„A man is born to be suffered“ _ literary-philosophical aspects


  • Irma Shioshvili Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University
  • Kakhashvili Nino Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University




“the idea of suffering”, Konstantine Kapaneli, author’s way of suffering, Georgian literature of 19th century, inevitability of character’s suffering


The present scientific work outlines “the idea of suffering” as an essential part of author and characters. Studying author’s spiritual world is one of the distinguished matters. Profound analysis of writers’, artists’ or musicians’ biography was always taken place and it is obvious that author’s real-life events and personal pains have a great impact on their works. The article underlines the viewpoint of Georgian philosopher and writer, Konstantine Kapaneli worked at the beginning of the twentieth century, who dedicated serious transactions to “the idea of suffering”. He considers that only private ideas are the main determinants of creation. The fact that all authors pass their peculiar, private way of suffering is also noted in the article. There exists a delighted, light-hearted author. Even in Georgian literature, dated by 19th century, all authors passed their “cursing and damning way”; together with feeling love from people they have endured terrible strokes or they couldn’t bear the world injustice. The article deals with the matter of literary character as well. In particular, is it possible to become reader’s favorite and worthy character without suffering? It’s almost impossible to find out a literary character who is beloved without torturing. The same thing can be said about Ilia Chavchavadze’s Archili  (“Otaraant Kvrivi”/Otar’s Widow). He was a “kind” nobleman  who becomes a favorite character only after starting grief for Giorgi and suffers with his fate or existing inequality. The article emphasizes that it’s almost impossible to find out a literary character beloved by readers without torturing.  Their spiritual world gets more and more beautiful after suffering. We can hardly find characters having a relaxed, calm life, spending time in carelessness and at the same time are the favorite ones of readers. Literary characters mentioned in the article suffer with the strikes of misfortune, though all of them reveal high moral dignities during an over-critical condition and still remain humans. In the article it is noted that the author himself and even his characters pass a long way of suffering and the latter facilitates hardening their spirits. Convincingly it is worth mentioning that suffering is an important accompanying thing for a professional artist. It was revealed that only those characters, who have to endure the greatest suffering, stay forever in our mind as life instructors.


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