Because of one miniature of Revaz Inanishvili


  • Nino Kochloshvili Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University



Rezo Inanishvili, short prose, miniature


"Literature must create a new reality, at the same time something that will bring people a little relief," - Rezo Inanishvili's words characterize the writer's literary heritage.The lack of love among the inhabitants of this village forced Rezo Inanishvili to write about spirituality, love, virtue, support, reciprocity, sadness caused by loneliness or hopelessness, to create original, original works, as Akaki Bakradze would say.In Rezo Inanishvili's miniatures, seemingly insignificant, usually ordinary stories, depicting various universal problems, are conveyed with high artistic mastery, strict architecture characteristic of small prose, laconicism of narration, and a remarkable unexpected ending, which makes even more ambiguous.Rezo Inanishvili portrayed the tragic face of a grieving, lonely mother in the miniature "Mothers" with the greatest human compassion, desperately trying to cope with the darkness of the world, to convince herself with inventions and illusions, and to be happy with the source of the village.It is no coincidence that Anano still tells the source about his hopeless hopes. In this way he tries not only to find relief in self-forgetfulness, but also to immortalize his child. After all, the source is associated with life in Christendom as the realization of catharsis, the sacred path, and, at the same time, the hope of salvation.Rezo Inanishvili's entire literary heritage, saturated with sadness and joy, makes us think about the essence and essence of being a human being, the main purpose of human beings, the existence of love.It is not surprising that Georgian literature is a sermon on humanism, but Rezo Inanishvili's literary originality and originality is greedily poured on the soul, which is not easily achieved by the strict canon characteristic of small prose.


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