Mikheil- Gobron Sabinin


  • Nino Giorgadze Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University




Icon painter, Georgian Paradise, Mikheil Sabinin, Orthodox Church, Lithographs


Gobron Sabinin's name was significantly written in the history of Georgian culture and religion. He was an icon painter, a monk, a historian of the Georgian Church, his faithful defender and supporter, a collector and researcher of Georgian antiquities, a thinker endowed with deep theological knowledge.The years of life of Mikhail Sabinin (1845-1900) do not count much. Unfortunately, even those years were spent in distress. In spite of everything, he still managed to work so that his name would not be forgotten.Mikheil Sabinin's merit is a greater before the Georgian nation, but his merit is primarily determined by his attitude towards theological writing. Iberian candidate Gobron (Mikhail) Sabinin's "Paradise of Georgia" is the first printed edition of an extensive hagiographic collection. As we learn from the preface, the monk's desire to collect materials and publish them as a book arose from his youth, while still studying at the Tbilisi Gymnasium.Mikheil Sabinin has been collecting this priceless material for almost seven years. Accumulated in villages, monasteries, the main part of the collections of nobles exiled to Russia. Many manuscripts were protected and preserved by "Georgian Paradise".The merits of Mikheil Sabinin in establishing the icons of Georgian saints are the subject of a separate discussion. He traveled to different parts of Georgia. He viewed frescoes in church monasteries and kept them in his diaries.The icon of Mikheil Sabinin as an icon painter is the first of all given by the icon of the "Glory of the Georgian Church". Lithographs of this unique icon were printed in Leipzig and Berlin between 1889-1895. With the blessing of the Patriarch, the "Icon of the Hope of Georgia" was written with his advice and instructions.Sabinin's merit, of course, does not end there. He translated the lives of Georgian saints into Russian and thus showed the height of the Georgian Orthodox Church. This is how the Athenian monks behaved, this is how Ephrem the Small, Arsen Ikaltoeli behaved when they tried to reconcile Georgian-Greek culture in the eyes of the Greeks.


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